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During the festival's prominent lineup and the magnetic appeal of 'Lido Sounds', the container stood out, catching the eye of the festival's 70,000 visitors. This collaborative artwork captures the fusion of BMW's legacy with the lively spirit of music, leaving a lasting impression on the festival's electrifying atmosphere.

Amidst the rhythmic beats and vibrant ambiance of the festival, a freight container, transformed into a canvas of creativity, became a sight to behold. With bold lines and a captivating blue color palette that resonates with the brand's corporate identity, the artwork bursts with energy, mirroring the festival's pulsating vibes. Positioned on top of the container, a gleaming BMW car adds a touch of sophistication, merging the realms of automotive innovation and artistic expression.

Unveiling the intersection of art, music, and automotive elegance, we teamed up with BMW to craft a mesmerizing display for the 'Lido Sounds' music festival in Linz. 






designed and painted by Catism


Photos by Catism

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