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Our murals adorns both the landing of the kicker and the laid-back oasis of the indoor bike park’s chill area. The detailed artworks not only align with the spirit of Red Bull but also seamlessly blend with the adventurous atmosphere of ‘Area 47,’ amplifying the energy and camaraderie that define this remarkable outdoor haven.

Situated within the adrenaline-charged realm of ‘Area 47,’ Austria’s largest outdoor adventure park, we had the opportunity to create dynamic artworks in an expansive sports hall designed for mountain biking enthusiasts. The hall boasts an impressive mountain bike kicker and a pulse-pounding pump track, serving as a playground for thrill-seekers.

Venturing into the heart of exhilarating sports experiences, we collaborated with Red Bull on a captivating project that intertwines art and adrenaline.

Red Bull


Red Bull



designed and painted by Catism

Photo credits

Photos by Catism

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