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Beyond the physical artwork, we offer the option to professionally capture the process, creating compelling promotional footage ideal for social media and other occasions.

Over the years, we have specialized in crafting custom graffiti artworks for businesses, brands, and individuals. We meticulously develop a concept aligned with our client's vision, translating it into a vibrant masterpiece on nearly any surface.

Graffiti Commissions

We merge technical expertise with a unique artistic perspective to deliver captivating visual content, perfect for social media and beyond.

From real estate videos to brand advertisements and music videos, our videography service offers versatile solutions for diverse needs. Our approach is rooted in artistic creativity, ensuring that every video we create stands out.


We pride ourselves on infusing an artistic essence into every project, ensuring each piece has its own individuality.

From digital artwork to hands-on creations like paintings and intricate carpet tufting, our design and illustration service covers a wide spectrum of artistic expression. Our portfolio includes illustrations for posters, motion graphics, album covers, fine-art paintings and merchandise designs.

Design, Illustration


Julia Winkler

Artist, Illustrator and Painter.

Marvin Wallner

Videographer, DoP and Editor.

Luca Laurence

Artist, Illustrator and Graffiti Artist. 

Felix ian

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Graffiti Artist and Videodirector.


Felix Pletzer

Videographer, Videodirector and Photographer.


Creative Studio based in Vienna, specializing in art, design, illustration, and videography.

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