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 Together with the exceptional stage design, we crafted an immersive environment that served as a unique realm for the more intense side of electronic music. Here, music and visuals merged, transporting festival-goers into a world of their own.

In the heart of the pulsating 'Electric Love Festival' in Salzburg we embarked on a creative journey that posed a unique challenge. With an astounding attendance of 180,000 EDM enthusiasts, this festival stands among Europe's largest. For two consecutive years, we were entrusted with the task of reimagining the visual identity of the 'Hard Dance Factory' Stage. Portions of the design were crafted digitally, brought to life on colossal printed sheets, while others found their form through the use of spray cans right on the stage itself.

Transforming a Electric Love Festival stage into the appearance of an abandoned factory.

Electric Love


Electric Love



Photos by Catism,
Kevin Verkruijssen,
Nicolai Semrau,
Philipp Kratzer


Designed and painted by Catism

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